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The term balance has its own connotation among all age groups be it a toddler, a teenager or a new joiner at work. A lot is said and written about the work life balance of a working mother.

In this post I highlight the importance of balance in the life of a special needs mom and share my experience on how it has helped me transform from a full time caregiver to an effective caregiver.

In one of my earlier posts, I had shared my transformation to a dedicated coach for my daughter Peu who has been diagnosed with CDKL5, a rare genetic disorder. In an year’s time, things changed.

A friendly gesture by Anjana, my friend and colleague triggered the change in my life. She informed me and suggested to apply for an open position in the organization I was employed earlier.

It was after much trepidation and several convincing sessions by Sudip, Peu’s father did I apply for the job. Today I am grateful to all who enabled me to join back to my profession.

Initial days were filled with confusion and a deep sense of guilt. On the other hand joining back to my profession and doing the stuff that I enjoyed  was thrilling for me. Sudip ensured that I could completely focus at my work when I was away at office. The set up is working fine for us. He applies various optimizing techniques so that we can achieve balance in all our daily routine tasks enabling us to focus on Peu’s care and development.

Gradually in a month’s time, I  realized:

  •  The fact that I could focus on two different (completely diverse) things was rewarding.
  • My interactions and sessions with Peu got more effective and result oriented. I hope she too appreciates the variation.
  • It was during this time that I was assured about my findings, could nail down the cause of her seizures and solve it to a major extent.
  • I could establish a balance between my two roles with more than willing support from everyone concerned.
  • Felt confident about my work and abilities.
  • My brain looks out to learn new things, had shunned the depressive thoughts, and gets creative to help Peu activate her brain.

Therefore, my message to all the special needs parents who are also full time caregivers is to diversify yourself. Get deeply involved into a cause, hobby, initiative or profession and during this involvement completely switch yourself off from your child’s environment. Do this everyday if possible. I am certain that you will come back home to your child with double the energy and positivism. I believe the balance is essential for us. I attribute this new found balance to be a consequence of allowing my brain to reorganize its thoughts, processes and ideas about Peu’s  care and development while I get engrossed in my professional work. And when I am back with Peu in her environment, there is an element of newness in my interactions. The diversion is like an engine oil that lubricates the brain and facilitates better performance in my primary role.

Your thoughts, inputs and feedback are always welcome.

I end this post with a short note of how Peu recognizes the importance of balance in her life.When she sits on a chair or in our lap and establishes an erect position balancing her head on her spine, her expression reflects awareness, concentration and intention. It is endearing for us but she probably experiences a sense of achievement during those moments. We hope that she realizes the importance of balance in her physical body and then her brain will gradually acquire sitting balance too.


One thought on “Balance

  1. You’re a strong and intelligent lady. Though i am single but feeling so charged up right now after reading your blog. I just wish good health for you and your daughter. Keep writing and keep inspiring others because you have that potential. Truly inspiring. 🙂


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