This blog is about my daughter, Aditi whom we lovingly call Peu (pronounced as Pew). It means “sweetheart”. She has been diagnosed with a very rare disorder ,’CDKL5 genetic disorder‘. She bravely fights to overcome her challenges and teaches me numerous lessons each day. She personifies the statement ‘Never Give Up’.

Peu@4 years

In my posts, I will share my perspective of Peu’s various challenging experiences and my learning from each of them. Each post will have a key takeaway for parents who might face or are facing a similar situation. Your feedback, comments, advice and queries will be appreciated.

In India, usually, before you start a new work, you offer prayers to God and remember your ancestors, seek blessings from the elders in your family and invite good wishes from friends and dear ones. On a similar note, in my first post, I wish to express gratefulness to my family, friends and well wishers who have supported me and helped me during our troubled times.

A special mention of Gouri, Peu’s nanny from her birth to four years. She was my pillar of strength during the early years of struggle. Her love and care is priceless.

Gouri with Peu@3months
Gouri with Peu@3months

I express my sincerest gratitude to two of the most important people in my daughter’s life, Cyndy Manes and Michelle Turner. They have been crucial in establishing hope in us as we raise Peu. Their love, compassion, time and energy for Peu is beyond compare. More about them in the upcoming posts.

Cyndy Manes is an ABM (Anat Baniel Method) therapist from San Antonio, Texas.

Ciyndy with Peu and me
Cindy with Peu and me

Michelle Turner is a movement integration specialist and educator from Phoenix, Arizona.

Michelle Turner

We are grateful to all the doctors, dietitians, therapists and hospital staff of the umpteen hospitals and clinics that we have visited so far, worldwide. Their support have enriched my experience.

My sister-in-law, Rahel Mathews, urged me to start a blog and share my unique experiences as a special needs parent.

Rahel with my daughter Peu
Rahel with my daughter Peu

My brother, Dipangkar, who amidst his very busy schedule, edits all my draft posts meticulously before I publish them.

We express our gratitude to one and all and seek your best wishes.

Peu with her Dad and Mom

Here I end my first post with a hope that my upcoming posts will be beneficial for parents.

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